Embrace the Newness

January 7, 2017


 If you haven't already heard it over a thousand times, let me take this moment to remind you => HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! My hope is that this year is off to a great start for you and your family.


Thinking of the New Year, I always think of goals, new resolutions, and new beginnings. As a young girl, I can remember the seriousness that my mother put into goal planning. At the beginning of each year, she would have all 3 of her children sit at the dinner table or on the couch while she made out her list of goals and then conversed about them with her children. Oh the hours that passed by, which felt like forever, listening to my mother talk about her year plans. But boy oh boy, when I became of maturity, I found the importance of writing out goals and setting out plans to accomplish them.

Side Note: Thank you mom for exemplyfying this precious treasure before your children. ==>> Now with that being said, goal setting and accomplishing goals are now being taught to my children.  


 With a new year, often time comes with new beginnings. The newness for me is, well your reading it => this blog site called Rise to Bloom. This blog has been very tidious with many months of preparations but I'm so thankful to have finally taken the faith step to launch it. As I think about it, aren't many goals like that. Taking a faith step to start a new beginning in any area of your life and you don't know how it will turn out. Seems pretty scary huh? New beginnings require determination to fight through the rough patches, hope to believe that it will work out and faith to keep you grounded. With that being said, don't give up on your goals. They will only work if you are willing to work them.

 Looking forward to this being a year of growth. A year of discovery. And a year of NEW BEGINNINGS!!!  

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