Reading Gives You Treasure

January 18, 2017


"Reading is a timeless treasure." Author Unknown


Have you ever emersed yourself for hours in a really great book that you forgotten were you where? Ha-ha, this happens for me as well. Reading gives us more than just growing intellectually but its a way to escape without even going anywhere. 

Growing up as a child I often heard the quote, "there's a million dollars in the library." So one day in jr. high, I marched toward my school's librarrian, Mrs. Bowers, and asked her were was the money? Her response was, "that the money was in the books." At the time I had taken that statement delibratly and I wanted the treasure without gaining the knowledge. Often, our lives can resemble this hunger to have the end result without going through the lessons needed to taje us further. 


Reading on purpose builds a strong solid base for intellect within any person. When I often go have coffee with someone, there is a question that I always ask. What are you reading? You see, this isn't a question to make useless conversation but a its a craving to keep developing and growing.  This hunger to read hasn't stopped since I was that curious jr. high girl that went to the librarian and asked for the money. You see when I started searching for the money in the libary, I became so intrigued with the books that I forgot the reason of what I was searching for. I might not have a million dollars in the bank, but I believe that I have a million dollar intelllact, ha-ha, I like the ring of that. 


Question: What are you currently reading? 

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