Why a Blog Jonnita??

January 19, 2017



Welcome to Rise to Bloom Blog. A blog to Encourage. To Inspire. To Challenge.


Sharing the journey of walking in life's purpose can be scary. Wouldn't you agree? This is a platform were I get to open up and get personal about frustrations, fears, and joys of stepping out into a calling that I didn't want do out of fear but I so often dreamt about it.  


My journey of ministry began many years ago. The memories of preaching my first sermon in 9th grade are still fresh. But soon after, somewhere along the way, life took off and focus was lost. The speaking platform was put behind me and I moved on. Well at least I thought that I had moved on. There was a constant tugging in my heart to pursue speaking again. For many years, that tug was ignored but it wouldn't go away. I tried my best to start other meaningful projects, only to still have the void of not fulfilling my purpose. Then the craziest thing started happening. I couldn't sleep!! I would lie in bed dreaming of speaking before even falling asleep. Has this ever happened to you? Dreaming of a purpose or life's calling that you really want to do but your not allowing yourself to do it. For whatever reasons, idk. Mine was out of fear.....


But this had to stop. I had allowed fear to cripple and silence me for to long. It was keeping me from fulfilling my purpose. So with cautious and even fearful steps, I decided to trust God and let Him lead. It began by placing one foot in front of the other and then putting an action plan in place to go after my purpose. This journey began about 4 years ago and now I feel ready to share with you the fears, frustrations, and joys as I continue to pursue my life's calling.


So buckle up! Your in for a looong ride. My hope is that you will be inspired and challeneged to go after your purpose in life as well. Lets do it together!


Welcome to Rise to Bloom - I'm glad your here. 


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©Rise to Bloom Blog by Jonnita D. ~ Matthew 28:19-20

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