Early Morning Motivation => It's Possible

February 9, 2017

“If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.” Les Brown 


There are many great success speeches and motivational speakers to listen to at our disposal online at any given time. To name a few, there's Zig Ziglar, Dr. Eric Thomas, John Maxwell and one of my favorite, Les Brown. Les's speeches aren't for someone who is looking to relax. Its the total opposite. His speeches creates a burning fire within the soul to go after what you want in life. He's considered as one of the top 10 greatest motivational speakers in the world! 


Traveling down memory lane, I remember my first time listening to Les Brown in my 9th grade English class. (It's quite shocking to recall this because I did very little focusing in class)! But my English teacher, Mrs. Vick, would often play Les Brown speeches while we did our work. What intrigued me was how he was able to motivate a crowd by his words and inspire them to reach for greatness in life. This truly moved me as a 9th-grade student to take an interest in  speaking. Now, I still play his countless number of videos to receive the motivation to keep pushing even when the path seems dim. Take a listen to, It's Possible by Les Brown. 



What motivational tools or resources do you use to keep pushing yourself for greatness?



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