Happy LOVE Day

February 15, 2017

 "A perfect marriage is just 2 imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other." ~ Unknown


Seeing that today is LOVE DAY (which everyday should be) it would be appropriate to give a "love shout-out" to the man that has captured my heart.


Top reasons why I admire @HDOKC......


1. Hurtis is a great bodyguard, lol!! There's never a time when I feel unsafe while being with him. 
2. He's a great listener. I talk a lot, LOL!!! The fact that he gives me his undivided attention is a huge plus.  
3. He accepts me for ME!! We have been together since I was 18 years of age and there has been a lot of maturing and growing for the both of us. I'm thankful that he gives me the freedom to grow and to accept me as I continue to evolve.
4. Hands up, Hurtis is an excellent father and family man!! 
5. He still gets dressed up and takes me out on dates. #13yearsofdating #11yearsofmarriage
6. In previous years, I have started multiple projects and never finished them. I had good intentions at the beginning but got bored along the way and gave up. Hurtis has gently taught me how to break this habit and to be a finisher when I start a project. (This would be a great blog post discussion!)
7. In our home, my voice carries which is loud and my laugh is louder! Possibly at times, it's annoying, lol. Although there is a balance for this, Hurtis gets a kick out of hearing me laugh!!!
8. He is committed to making our marriage work.We don't have a perfect marriage but we do have a great marriage. Were 2 imperfect people refusing to give up!!


There are more reasons why I admire Hurtis but it's time for our date! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY Everyone and Happy Love Day to my best friend, hubby, and my baby's daddy => @Hurtis Deveroux!



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