Blog Series - From Tangled to Untangle

February 27, 2017

Happy Monday!! New blog series kicks off this week titled, "Tangled to Untangle." This title came from me looking at my jewelry armoire stand and noticing quickly how tangled up my necklaces had become. To keep myself from receiving a migraine, I gently closed the door to the armoire jewelry night stand and walked away in complete frustration. My frustration was not stirred up because I couldn’t wear a necklace. Or was it?? But anyhow, it was stirred up due to the fact that I had allowed my necklaces to become an entanglement mess over time. 


Just like my necklaces, many can relate to feeling overwhelmed and tangled up in a schedule possibly due to over commitments. Come on, we have all been in the position of trying to find balance with work, family, and life. For instance, you probably told yourself that you would cut back on taking on more responsibilities for a church or organization? But when asked by a leader if you could help out, you feel the pressure and decide to take on 2 more responsibilities that you don't have time for! Or perhaps, you probably promised yourself to cut back on binge watching that new television series like “24” on Fox, but after seeing the commercial that there will be a full week of previous episodes, the promise that you made to yourself is now quickly forgotten. Lastly, you're probably like me and enjoy hanging out at a local coffee house talking to friends. => Lord knows those conversations can take up a full day, lol. Seriously, nothing is wrong with doing those things but it would be wise to find balance in these areas before they control our schedules.


Becoming overwhelmed with a busy schedule doesn't just happen overnight but it can happen quickly. This blog series "From Tangled to Untangled," sheds light on finding balance and focusing on what's best so that we can flourish in our daily task and purpose. Hope this week's blog series will be engaging and informative to all readers. #RisetoBloom 
(Oh by the way, eventually I did untangle the necklaces.)

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